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Savi Travels is a unit of Siya Ram Bajrang Store headquarters at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India and belongs to the SRBS Group which has marked its presence in various industries including the travel and hospitality industry. M/s Siya Ram Bajrang Store launched its own travel channel on 10th anniversary of Hotel Savi Regency, Jaipur and as per its vision and commitment to grow its base and provide a hassle free travel to its customers and clients.

Customer is the King

The customer’s growing demand to provide them with one shop solutions for their travel needs was the basic reason or ideology for developing this wing. The travel agency not only deals in vacation travel but also looks after business travel and MICE. We have provided services to various business / corporate clients.

Destination focused travel

The company provides travel packages for a few limited countries at present and will look to enhance its reach at a later stage. We are specialized in tour packages for Rajasthan. We have more than 100 travel associates who do B2b Packages for Rajasthan. For inbound Savi Travels provides packages for Goa and Kerala, too in India. For Outbound travel, we are dealing in South East Asia, the Indian Sub-continent and Europe, Australia as well as Russia. We also issue some dos and don’ts for those traveling to other countries.

Customization We understand that budget varies from one person to another and so are their requirements, so we take utmost care in the selection of their destinations, transport, and hotels. Savi Travels want our customers to be our happy clients rather than serve them once. That’s why the tag line says “Travel With Smile” 

About Us Savi Travels


About SiyaRam Bajrang Store

Siya Ram Bajrang Store is the firm that runs Savi Travels and Savi Hotels and Resorts. The firm is focused on travel industry and have specialized in its niche market.

SRBS Group is a new emerging group that has representation in various industries such as the Stone industry, Agriculture industry, Real Estate, and Construction Industry, Manufacturing Industry, and Hospitality industry. The market of the group varies from domestic to international (exports). Though the group came into existence in 2003 some of the businesses are older than that.


Travel with Smile
About Saavi Travels

Our Story – About us

The firm started its journey from a small cafe in June 2003 and soon by the year 2004, it became a full-fledged restaurant. The AC Banquet hall was also added the same year. In 2006 the hotel came into existence with key highlights being its famous dining restaurant and discotheque (non-alcoholic). In 2011 the hotel got a setback when the disco, banquet, and restaurant caught fire. Heavy losses occurred but due to the support of our vendors and well-wishers, we recovered from it.

In 2012 the property was completely renovated, and new floors were added to the property. It is now known for its quality and service. The Hotel has thereafter been on constant renovation thereafter. Recently, Siya the veg restaurant was renovated in 2020.

The quality of our service and performance can be judged by the way we have come up. We have grown from a cafe to a full-fledge restaurant and then to a full-fledged hotel. Now the hotel has a discotheque, banquet hall, conference, and 25 a/c rooms.

The firm added the travel section Savi Travels in 2014, it started as a complimentary to hotel Service but later in 2015 it was more of an indeoendent travel agency. The focus was both on inbound and outbound , thus two sections were created. One headed by Mr Vijay Jharwal and outbound was looked after by Mr Karan Jorwal. Together they kept pushing FIT and GIT in their respective fields.

The firm has started expansion also. In 2016, Savi Camps, a boutique camping resort in Jaisalmer became operational. Another property land was purchased in 2017 at Kumbhakgarh.


Covid Phase

Last two years have been very tough for our industry throughout the world. Surviving was a big question. Anyhow, we have overcome and have started our journey building back from scratch. We will rise again. The focus of the company has shifted more to online as peope world acroos have started becoming comfortable with online specifically after pandamic. The company has also shifted its gear and now started working more on fixed tour packages.

Our customers are happy and have talked about us as one of the new good upcoming startups. Pushing our sales and profitability upwards in 2021 onwards.