7 topmost things to do in Jaipur other than monuments

Jaipur is beautiful city with lot more to do or see than just Monuments. Monuments are historic and reflect the culture but the locals, the thriving and kicking citizens, will aslways show you more than what is preserved.


Jaipur, a heritage city declared by Unesco is world-famous for its name as PINK City. Jaipur has lot many things to do apart from the monuments of the past. Though Jaipur’s beauty lies in its heritage, the modern world also has other things to showcase to the tourist that flow in.

The beauty of Jaipur Heritage city just cannot be ignored. The old walled city is entirely painted pink with white borders. The city looks are just mesmerizing and at night the pink color blossoms in the warm white lighting, fascinating and captivating every tourist that walks down the street of Pink City.

This city is just not adorable the people here are also equally vibrant, joyful, and definitely adorable. Though the city thrives on tourism, mainly the magnificent old monuments like Amer Fort, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jal mahal and the list goes on, are its main attractions but it also has various other attractive things to visit for. we are just listing those 7 topmost things to do in Jaipur other than monuments

Let’s begin in descending ranks the 7 things to do in Jaipur beyond Monuments

7. Moto Sport Park

moto sport
Moto Sport Park

Moto Sport Park is a wide 23 acres of dune area setup, situated near Achrol, with a primary focus towards Moto Sport with combinations of leisure, race, romance, parties, camping, every activity which can rush your adrenaline flow. They specialize in various adventure activities such as

  • Off Road Rides
  • Romantic Dinner on Dunes
  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Gyptain Ride

6. Elephant Village

Elephant Village is for those who love animals. This entire village is dedicated by the government to Elephants, a place where they can live and thrive. The elephants here are owned by personal people who use them to tour people around Amber fort. Here you can feed elephants, do bareback rides, give a bath to them, and definitely, you can play with them. If you feel, this giant but loving creature needs your help, do not forget to donate the Mahwats, they take a lot of care of these animals, the bonding of which can be seen in their relation to each other.

Funt at Elephant Park

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5. Food Tour

If you are foodaholic then this tour is a must for you. Worth a million try coz we take you the some of the best food in the town across the streets. Keep some space in your tummy as this tour will definitely feed your tummy more than you think.

In this tour, you cover up some special and famous known restaurants and street vendors, grab their best product while exploring the old and new city. A few of them are listed below-

  • Pyaz Kachori from Rawat Misthan Bhandar
  • Dhai Bhalla Street Vendor near Sectriat
  • Moti Laddoo of Bhagat Ji Sweets
  • Sabudana Khicdi at Falafal
  • Rasgulla of Sodhani Sweets
  • Cold coffee at statue circle

4. Shopping Paradise

Jaipur is definitely a shopping paradise as you can explore clothes, jewelry, blue pottery, Rajasthani Mochri (shoes), paintings, Carpets, Rugs etc. In clothes, many designs have been trademarked by this city e.g. Bhandez work, Sanganeri print, Jaipuri Kurti, Jaipuri Razai (Duet) etc. Jaipur is also world-famous for its Jewelry, especially in the gems and stones market. In fact, a full bazaar is named behind the jewelry makers, Johari Bazaar, Johari meaning jeweler.

Shopping in the old city will get you across various specific markets eg. Johari Bazaar for Jewelry, Bapu bazaar for Kurti and readymade garments, and Maniharo ka Rasta for Lakh Bangles. Shopping in old city is a bit fun as there is bargaining everywhere. Bargaining is a birth right for a shopper crazy like me.

The Jaipur city has grown with the modern times and boasts various malls and shopping arcades where you can get various brands. For those who love to shop in malls, they can visit the World Trade Park and GT area in Malviya Nagar.

3. Puno

Puno the first of its kind in Jaipur is also an amazing place to look forward to. PUNO is a trampoline park where you can find activities for all groups, which can keep them engaging for hours and hours. The guest can here enjoy with the entire family.

Puno the trampoline park of Jaipur

2. Chowki Dhani

Chowki Dhani is again the ultimate place to hang out coz it boasts various activities. it just feels you are like in a carnival in a small village. Things to do here came ride, bullock cart ride, elephant ride, balloon shooting games, ring games, magician show, rope walk, boating, bioscope etc. And last but not least is their hospitality through which they serve traditional Rajasthani food. They also have started serving North Indian food in another sub-section to cater to the need of growing demand.

Chowki Dhani at Jaipur
Chokhi Dhani Jaipur
Chowki Dhani

1. Leopard Safari

Wildlife in a city is something that really makes you go wild. The leopard safari organized by the Forest Department is definitely the best and ultimate thing to go for. It’s definitely not a miss. For this, you need to book well in advance as rides are limited and traffic at holidays and during tourist peak seasons. For booking, you can coordinate with us. We do take a nominal fee but provide you the convenience of travel with smile #travelwithsmile.

Jaipur Leopard Safari
Leopard Safari